Introduction to the ProBit Token

What is ProBit Token?
The ProBit Token (PROB) fills in as the utility token of ProBit Exchange. As an utility token, PROB furnishes clients of the trade with various advantages, for example, exchanging expense limits, casting a ballot rights for posting of new tokens, expanded referral reward and early access to new highlights.
20,000,000 ProBit Tokens were apportioned for the private deal, pre-deal and IEO occasions. After the underlying stage, the exchange mining stage will start. In the exchange mining stage, when an exchange is finished, both the takers and producers are compensated with ProBit tokens with a sum proportional to a level of the exchanging charge of the exchange.
Advantages, for example, exchanging expense limits and referral rewards will be remunerated to clients of the trade contingent upon the measure of their PROB holding. Exchanging charge limits go from 10– half of the exchanging expense. Referral rewards (remunerate given after alluding another client) go from 10– 20% of the exchanging charge.
Furthermore, ProBit has a Buy-Back program to repurchase ProBit tokens on the trade. The repurchase tokens will be utilized as a possibility save that will work as a protection support.

What is ProBit Exchange?
ProBit Exchange is a computerized money trade ready to make waves in the cryptocurrency showcase. ProBit tries to separate itself from different trades by being the most worldwide, proficient and anchored commercial center for computerized resources.
The principle highlights of the trade Include: a best performing coordinating motor with handling limit of 1.5 million exchanges for every second, prevalent security through FIDO U2F equipment security key help, completely adaptable dashboard and inexhaustible coins and exchanging sets (150+ monetary forms prepared to be recorded). All these interesting highlights certification to give merchants world class exchanging knowledge.
For what reason would it be advisable for me to buy the ProBit Token?
Assets raised amid the offers of ProBit Token will be used to manufacture the ProBit Exchange stage. PROB will fill in as the spine for building the ProBit Ecosystem comprising of C2C trade, fiat trades and ICO stage.
How might I buy the ProBit Token?
ProBit Exchange is holding a Pre-Sale occasion for the ProBit Token (PROB) beginning on November 5 until November 28, 2018. Amid the Pre-Sale period, members will get a 10% Bonus for each ProBit token (PROB) that they buy. It would be ideal if you observe that the base buy sum is 100 USD. To influence a buy, to please visit
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Fuel For BeepBeep Nation Applications ICO

Fuel For BeepBeep Nation Applications ICO

BeepBeep Nation is "The Mother Of All Apps" as is finished by other demonstrated applications, yet the cost is less expensive, or free or better - and in one single application.
Come to App Store Near You
The prepared to-dispatch BeepBeep Nation application dispatches in half a month after the ICO closes.The BeepBeep Nation portable application for iOS and Android gives a total answer for our clients to take care of ordinary issues rapidly and help each other when earnest help is required.
This is finished by encouraging correspondence between the individual needing help ("Applicant") and the individual giving the help ("Assistant"). Get forward and up and coming data from genuine individuals in specific places, outings or spots of individuals in specific places that wouldn't fret helping different clients to rapidly aid crises, incorporating those with wellbeing crises or right now there are no relatives or pets, and they require help to rapidly discover them, and the sky is the limit from there: BeepBeep Nation influences demands and gives to help as proficiently and viably as could be allowed. They might be.
Competitors may pick an endowment of aide with a note of thanks after the asked for help has been given. In any case, the candidate isn't required to give direction, however in the event that offered, the partner isn't required to acknowledge it. The two candidates and collaborators allude to each different paying little respect to BeepBeep Nation, and BeepBeep Nation does not take an interest in any understanding between them. Both the competitor and the associate are workers or self employed entities of BeepBeep Nation. The two candidates and associates act freely and settle question with each other and with the BeepBeep people group network.
By advancing and advancing guide associations, BeepBeep Nation not just improves the world, it likewise brings clients closer, as they normally need to meet eye to eye to give the assistance they require and in the meantime settle their debate. This is an imperative advance in mainstream long range informal communication applications where clients more often than not invest a large portion of their energy collaborating with a cell phone or PC screen. The principle business model of BeepBeep Nation is the offer of advances required to send demands for help.
BeepBeep Nation will charge the candidate an ostensible measure of 0.10 to 0.30 US dollars for each demand for data sent inside a sweep of 1-5 km from the predetermined area. This is an exceptionally savvy path for candidates to achieve hundreds, thousands, or even a great many different clients (eg, New York, who have an expansive populace) inside a span. Not just this, on the grounds that the assistance demands are sent to the predefined place of the candidate where they are just observed by clients in this place, they give quite certain assistance solicitations to the clients and get the best answers from the proprietors as they spare their screens. Cleaning asks for that wizards can not react on the grounds that they are not in the area determined by the candidate.

Another novel component of the BeepBeep Nation application is that our clients can at the same time move toward becoming candidates and aides, as they can ask for any assistance (for instance, ask for movement), offer different sorts of assistance to different candidates (how to give candidates new data). Our clients just enlist in BeepBeep Nation account and can promptly look for assistance from different clients or give help to different clients in the event that they can. You don't have to offer assistance when different clients request help, on the grounds that any assistance is intentional.
Since candidates can get free help or get a thank you for them, we trust numerous individuals around the globe are downloading it to give it a shot. After some time, a huge number of assistance solicitations will be sent every day.
The BeepBeep Nation application underlines the security of its clients, as it supports gatherings between them. Numerous security components are as of now in the application and can be found at There are different perspectives that we can add to applications around there. A country can work with organizations that represent considerable authority in character and area check.
Token subtle elements:
Token name - Token (EMN)
Token - ERC20
Number of tokens 156.250.000 EMN (counting extra tokens)
Distributed available to be purchased - 112.228.260
Hard CAP - $ 31.250.000,00
Cash got - ETH, USD
Retail cost of 1 EMN = 0.25 USD

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:
MOZO The Token of Discovery

MOZO The Token of Discovery

About MOZO
Retail business is as of now enormously decreased in the business field. this is impacted by numerous elements related in it so the chain of offers in the retail business, particularly those moving with the physical store deals is extremely influenced by the effect of the development of online business. mozo venture is a task that keeps running in the retail business covering a web based business zone where mozo venture offers answers for retailers to effortlessly find and market their items at physical stores or online advancements, online advancement offered by magic undertaking is extremely basic yet has an effect which is extensive for retail business people where in the advancement of magic activities retail business visionaries can without much of a stretch advance their items or stores to forthcoming purchasers by giving a few tokens or tokens to purchasers or guests, this thought sounds exceptionally outsider and incomprehensible yet with an advancement like this the retai business on-screen character will effectively draw in clients who are going by the shopping zone or in the territory where the advancement is finished.
We have seen some special systems in the business world today are obsolete, we require the most recent way or the most recent strategies in drawing in purchasers. things like this are once in a while seen by everybody, particularly by the venders. leave the old ways that have no potential in drawing in clients and purchasers. at that point why MOZO is associated with blockchain? this is done as such that mozo can be specifically in contact with the purchasers. by giving a Mozo token in light of an advancement or giving a shopping voucher as a mozo token will be immediately powerful in item deals. the utilization of an interconnected mozo token in a business or shopping region will have the capacity to pull in purchasers to visit in different shopping zones on the grounds that the mozo token interconnections will ruin the purchasers inside the region. on a few events mozo venture has been working with a few strip malls in a few nations to mozo tokens can be straightforwardly connected to the strip mall later on.
plan conspire depicts the use of Mozo programming and blockchain with field tests at both the shopping centers and individual retail locations
Blockchain: Solo and Ethereum
At first, Project Mozo will utilize the Ethereum blockchain system to help our exchanges, and after that change to Solo when it ends up accessible. Our exclusive innovation Solo is another DAG compose blockchain organize that is intended to help shared micropayment exchanges (Retail, IoT, Microlending, Cybersecurity and so forth.). In the Solo blockchain arrange, every exchange started by a sending client is affirmed by the goal client and just the goal client itself, subsequently the name Solo.
Mozo – Token of Discovery
Buyers can gain, purchase, and reclaim Mozo tokens by: strolling into a physical store; "destroying" to find item points of interest; or buying items at the store.
the utilization of dynamic Mozo tokens will make it less demanding for clients to get marked down costs, special costs or get free mozo tokens, clients can likewise effectively buy Mozo tokens by means of trade destinations or trade with ETH on the Mozo stage this is should be possible so every client of Mozo token or Mozo stage can appreciate the comfort of shopping and appreciate any sort of advancement inside.

To draw in clients today requires a progressive way, the present retail exchange rivalry is so baffling the merchants, the utilization of online business applications adds to the multifaceted nature of the retail business world. this is one of the components that make shopping centers or shops void of guests. the Mozo venture is exceptionally progressive in going for the exchanging ecosystem that will profit the two sides amongst purchasers and dealers. a type of advancement for retail business on-screen characters will make an enthusiasm for coordinate deals rising quickly contrasted with ongoing circumstances. control of blockchain will quickly be seen simple exchanges by the clients. The Mojo venture is sensational to give a clear advance to retail business visionaries around the world, with this business technique token Mozo will give a decent general ecosystem to different gatherings inside.

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A Perfect Marketplace To Create Digital Assets And Make Money Out Of It - Zenodys

The key highlights of Zenodys
Nowadays, everybody will have some sort of computerized resources with them like applications, advanced substance, information, codes, and so forth. Have you at any point imagined that you can profit out of your computerized resources by appropriately advertising it? There is almost certainly that it would be a colossal errand to monitor every single advanced resource you have and monitor its income. To make matters basic and simple for you, Zenodys offers you a blockchain driven commercial center and a stage to transform all your advanced resources into items that can mint cash through an institutionalized organization. This is a decentralized distributed commercial center to make magnificent computerized resources and furthermore transform the genuine applications into a cash spinner.
How Zenodys function?
The Zenodys is a decent stage and commercial center to arrange your computerized world and furthermore acquire cash from it. The advanced resources you have are non-standard and unstructured. They should be consolidated together and changed over into an organized and institutionalized organization. This is the reason it is critical to utilize Zenodys. Transfer all the advanced resources like information, substance, applications and expert advantages for a decentralized system and utilize the Zenodys to naturally institutionalize and structure the benefits. They will be safely put away. At whatever point somebody gets to your advanced resources in the Zenodys commercial center, you are adapted. You will acquire a benefit at whatever point a client utilizes the advantage that you claim.
  1. An organized information offers extraordinary incentive to a purchaser. The layout offered through the visual improvement stage makes a standard information arrange for all the computerized advantages for make it clear and straightforward.
  2. The Zenodys stage naturally hunts and discovers comparable information sources to combine them into an amalgamated information bunch.
  3. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence will assist purchasers with getting access to recommendations naturally in light of their visual layouts that the purchaser gives.
  4. Every one of the work processes that achieve the information market will convey a permit and furthermore a hashtag.
  5. The rating framework will be offered in two sections: a computerized rating framework that will remunerate or rebuff in the event that it discovers that there is any part infringement or not and furthermore will convey voting framework and organized input.
  6. To enhance the trade, Zenodys offers its clients with a publicizing stage to advance the administrations, information, and hubs of the venders.
  7. A brilliant evaluating number cruncher will be on offer to discover comparative administrations and layouts and to let know the normal estimation of the considerable number of gatherings included.
  8. Wellbeing and security of information are given best need and all information exchanges between the gatherings will be naturally scrambled and secured.
  9. The information trade can occur both naturally and physically in this stage.
  10. The Zenodys stage is one of a kind and is the best in the business that offers top end execution.
  11. The stage is anything but difficult to use for both for amateur and progressed talented individuals. All the significant assignments in the stage are in a rearranged way.
  12. It offers a completely decentralized stage to do any sort of trade effortlessly.

The group that made Zenodys happens
TomazVinko is the CTO and prime supporter of Zenodys. He has a 15-year involvement in programming advancement and 5 years of involvement in the equipment field. He holds a BE in software engineering and has worked in different limits from senior designer to director in telecoms, money related and multinational establishments.
Jernej Adamic is the CEO and business improvement head in Zenodys. He has 20 years of strong involvement in business improvement in the web field and 5 years of computerized advertising knowledge.
Andrea Scotto Di Minico is the front-end improvement and CXO of the Zenodys stage. He was in the website composition field for more than 8 years and has worked with Swiss and Slovenian organizations.
The Zenodys group likewise includes a considerable measure of guides to be specific Julien Coustaury, and EfratJudovtis, (business improvement), Robert Petric (business examination), Esteban Bayro Kaiser (AI), Matej Francetic (Data science), and TomazSesek (system).
Last musings on Zenodys
Zenodys is the ideal blockchain innovation based computerized resource stage that encourages clients to make any kind of advantage and change over them all into a tradeable organization to increase money related advantages. This is a decent advanced resource ecosystem that will help non-software engineers to change over their advantages into genuine applications and along these lines acquire cash out of their benefits. This shrewd contract commercial center is a perfect stage to appreciate a reasonable adaptation dependably.
Token sale structure

  • Token name: CoinZZ
  • Token symbol: ZZ
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Start: Planned in May 2018
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Token supply: 5,000,000,000 ZZ
  • Token price: 0.01 USD
  • Sale cap: 31,000,000 USD
  • Total cap: 50,000,000 USD
Token Sale Structure
  • ZENODYS: 10%
  • FOUNDERS: 10%
  • TEAM: 10%
  • ADVISORS: 5%

Bitpaction Exchange

Hi mates! Thus, today I need to expound on the new exchanger with special component from Singapore. This is Bitpaction! Look at this for points of interest of Bitpaction.

Bitpaction is the main keen exchanger on the planet. It's intended to set up a more straightforward, more intellegent and broadened worldwide advanced resources exchanging stage with a steady and smooth environmental framework, which is fixated client and spotlight on the experience of clients.
The blockchain was refreshed to blockchain 3.0 yet numerous exchanger on the planet still remain utilizing blockchain 1.0. Bitpaction is engaged and need to open the period of blockchain 2.0 for advanced money exchanging.
Vision and Mission
The vision of Bitpaction is need to upset the traditional exchanging mode and need to quicken updgrading of ordinary stage into new form of stage, blockchain 2.0. Bitpaction isn't just need to fabricate a computerized resource exchanging stage, yet they additionally need to give speculators most prominent financial specialists and help the financial specialists to win huge benefits. Bitpaction additionally need to assist financial specialists with earning reward and become together with speculators.
Nov. 2017, The perfect of Bitpaction was conceived.
Dec. 2017, Team got venture from Singaporean speculators and blockchain devotees in the UK.
Jan. 2018, Our group propelled least reasonable item short of what one month.
Early Feb. 2018, Demo on the web.
Mid Feb. 2018, Cooperate with abroad advertising group and advance occasions.
Late Feb. 2018, The PV of site achieved 300,000 and we possessed about 100,000 enlisted clients.
Mar.1, 2018, Established association with numerous tokens.
Mar.5, 2018, Bitpaction trade got on the web and various exchanging sets have been given.
Favorable circumstances
Information Security
Social database benefit with various defensive measure and Data stack adjusting innovation for database is utilized to in the stage guaranteeing the steady task of database.

Store Security
Wallet administration is apportioned with the security design far better than that of conventional banks and budgetary associations. Encryption of by 64-bit twofold extraordinary keys and decoding by exceptional dynamic calculation are received. Assets is put away on disconnected cool wallet. The key of disconnected wallet is subject to multi-signature administration and kept by extraordinary individual in an exceptional room. Ongoing observing to exchanging account guarantees the security supports and record of financial specialists.
Stable System
Bitpaction was examined and created exchanging coordinating motor BPngs autonomously, with a pinnacle coordinating pace up to 1,800,000/s guaranteeing all procedure of center with no deferral and sticking. Bitpaction likewise furnished with DDoSD + WAF + Nginx server resistance.

Stable Network
To stay away from the bottlenecks that influences information transmission speed and solidness, Bitpaction connected substance conveyance arrange (CDN) innovation and giving rappid access to financial specialist's request.

Center Advantage of Bitpaction Platform
Basic and Convenien
Client could get a handle on unique data of nvestment even without methodical aptitude. Clients can finish speculation by tapping the cell phone or tapping on the site page.

Shrewd and Intellegent
Stage will have benefits increment and misfortune diminish. For benefits work, Bitpaction will choose budgetary item for clients to make more wage and lessen the danger of venture. For misfortune work, Bitpaction will give a misfortune stop, benefit quit, trailing-stop and unusual change cautioning capacities.

Benefit Stop and Loss-Stop
Financial specialists can without much of a stretch set the measure of their objective for benefits and additionally their greatest misfortune sum. Once the advanced resource achieved the setting an incentive in the exchanging market, it will naturally put the advantage at a bargain.
Administration Charge Feedback
Bitpaction will influence measurement of the aggregate administration to charge (in USDT) that spent to Bitpaction. Then, financial specialists may trade the USDT for half of aggregate administration charge at the present market cost of BPS whenever. In the event that the value BPS is lower than 0.76 USDT, the BPS that speculators keeping can in any case considered with the cost 0.76 USDT to finish the trade. In this way, financial specialists BPS is in any event worth 0.76 USDT/BPS whenever.
Bitpaction API
Bitpaction have an API which can utilized for building up another framework for your adavantages. It's effectively to utilize. All API asks for are called by the standard HTTPS. All POST calls need to determine the parameters of the configuration to x-www-frame urlencode. You can take in the API by going to this documentation page here
Simple Coin List Application
You can undoubtedly present an application for posting coins to Bitpaction. Simply fill information to the shape they are given. Load with your honest to goodness information. This is the connection to the application shape
Exceptionally Cheap Fees
The base store is just 0.0001 BTC without any charges and the exchanging expenses is just 0.1% deducted consequently in exchanging resources. You can discover more insights about expenses by going to this page. Bitpaction Fees Table
A Lot of Events
Bitpaction have a considerable measure of occasions. The occasions have a considerable measure of costs, everybody can partake to this occasion with no hard prerequisites. You can discover all of occasions in this page. Bitpaction's occasions

Creating The PC Of Tomorrow Utilizing The Latest In Cloud & Blockchain Technology

Airp2p is a change and movement upon the past and existing PC frameworks. This development goes for explaining the impediments ordinarily looked by the average citizens who has banished individuals from getting a charge out of the advantages and limits of mega machinenes through the liberation of blockchain innovation and cryptoarcadia in an imaginative and moral way. The thought was considered in December 2017 subsequently. it's promoting and strategy for success created in March 2018
Airp2p was established by an arrangement of refined mechanical aptitude: Sigurour Benediktsson (CEO), Kristinn Spence (Project Manager), Daniel Oskarsson (Developer) and numerous others.
  1. Highlights OF AIRP2P
  2. Confirmation Protocol
  3. Private and security
  4. Cloud Data Storage
  5. Outer Integration and parts more.

The coordination of cloud based ecosystem with blockchain highlights allows the ecosystem to be careful on qualifications of the blockchain innovation. All exchanges are recorded in a secured and decentralized way. Without a doubt, you might want to bet on a protected and straightforward framework in light of the trustworthiness of the Bitcoin establishment. This gives clients the entrance to their own particular virtual PC on the web. People that make utilization of top of the line programming projects like Adobe and Light - room won't be let well enough alone for this advantage. This won't simply be gainful to crypto holders yet in addition the understudies, proficient visual architects that requires top of the line designs and premium machines to continue with their work.
Airp2p gives everybody level with access to advanced PCs. It rehashes the utilization and access to standard PC. This will keep running on the Ethereum based blockchain innovation which is the same fueling bitcoin, the biggest netting cryptocurrency everywhere throughout the world. This is a framework that empowers the smooth running of all innovations crosswise over it and guarantees client availability and wellbeing with the guide of committed experts on alarm to secure exchanges led under the framework. Understudies related with amusement outlining and sight and sound will never again discover the cost of obtaining another framework overpowering which generally is the essential and fundamental restriction.
The Airp2p will profer answer for the obstacle by temperance of openness from any piece of the world to lease top of the line frameworks to help with their venture work and assignments.

Then again, through the Airp2p Payment System Platform, people and foundations can likewise pick to lease their frameworks for others to utilize. Lacking asset has been apparent and a major test to radiating experts and specialists, which in many cases hampers the advance of their polished methodology. Nonetheless, with the guide of Airp2p wander, the issue can be legitimately tended to through origin of the distributed system where specialists will be opportuned to lease frameworks controlled by top of the line setups to effectively total their assignments and furnish their professions with a noteworthy lift in it's starting stage.
The fundamental token deal begins in June 2018 while the advancement of the Airp2p stage starts in October 2018.A worldwide system should be figured to permit registering innovation leasing at your doorstep. What a pretty and to a great degree promising offer for what's to come!


QOMPASS is a piece tie stage that means to offer dish to money related advertisers. The net uses its local token QPS, a toke deal for QPS begins in April 2018. Shoppers will cooperate with QOMPASS's installment framework by means of the portable application and the QOMPASS card. The stage will have an equipment wallet and half and half card framework, where your application includes as a wallet which grants you to stack your card without fail.
How does stage Work?
The objective of QOMPASS to tackle the energy of AI, regular systems, and enthusiastic use while offering a profound arrangement of utilizations and API convention. Through whole of these item and administrations, the stage will drive capital and monetary market on an overall scale. The site and white paper are secured with ambiguous, extravagant data like this:
The long-run objective of QOMPASS, as per whitepaper is too totally square chain associates the 294 Trillion USD overall money related advertisers, reestablishing confidence and annihilating debasement and control. That is a yearning point, no doubt. So how does the QOMPASS thought to achieve those points?
• Faster than ETH or BTC
• Supports more than 30,000 exchanges/sec
• Entirety decentralization and secrecy
• Low exchange expenses
• A mindful square chain bolstered by AI
• Completely adaptable and versatile
• A sheltered and sound pilgrim that keeps everybody from keeping an eye on your benefits, enabling you to rehearse genuine namelessness and security
• Cross-chain savvy contract bolster (shrewd contracts which take a shot at numerous piece chains)
• Built to help money related exchanges and best recurrence exchanging
• Zero swell
QOMPASS likewise trusts on include named POS (Proof of State). The significant reason for QOMPASS's hubs is to recognize the condition of agreements and decide of POS. in its place following normal techniques for mining new square and squandering clock cycles without a case, this stage needs simply authorized hubs to recognize the making of new pieces. Here is the means by which the white paper portrays in points of interest:

"As opposed to considering for new pieces to be mined, state modifications can occur at inevitably, which is distinguished on-screen characters and a typical agreement acknowledge in under 10 Milliseconds, even a wide scale. Each agreement can do activities synchronously with no influencing and square all different contracts, which hold to the way that each contact keeps its own separation chain of state. The collective changes of the state shape a coordinated patterned draw which makes-up the square chain." There're numerous put stock in performing artists in this technique, including hubs when joined make something named the QOMPASS C-Chain record and Notary Cloud customers.
The stage will likewise bolster shrewd contracts and savvy calculation. The piece chain will spare executable information contents, in a tree framework. A tree comprising keen contract sorts a smartcontract chain speaking to a heap of savvy gets that check reference each other.
Stage's keen calculations, in the interim apply neural frameworks and AI to figure cost developments even before they really happen.
Qompass Services and Products

The QOMPASS square affix will prompt the making of a wide number of administrations and items, including:
Crypto P2P Exchange: QOMPASS stage cases to have joined forces with more than 20 money related foundations all around the globe to make its P2P trade. You can "money out" your virtual profit by means of these monetary establishments.
Qompass Trader: stage Trader is an AI-controlled framework that'll look into and break down exchange signals all day, every day, at that point propose exchanges for max benefit.
Open API Platform: Platform's API permits money related foundations, banks, and financial specialists to interface straight to the stage.
Crypto Payment Cards: Platform will offer crypto cash installment cards which are a half and half platinum card and brilliant equipment wallet, enabling quick access to the piece chain.
Piece chain Based Financing: The QPS can be connected as security for credits in other virtual monetary standards or fiat cash.

Speculation Packages
Stage will give various diff venture bundles:

·   Alpha Package ($1-10,000): Earn up to 100 percent ROI every month, 40:1 use, and pay 25 percent execution charges to the QOMPASS
·Delta Package ($10,001-$100,000): Earn-up to 200 percent ROI every month, 60:1 use, and pay 20 percent execution charges to the QOMPASS
·         Omega Package ($100,001 and Up): Earn-up to 300 percent ROI every month, 100:1 use, and pay 15 percent execution charges to the QOMPASS
QPS Token Sale
The stage is offering its QPS-tokens amid a token deal beginning on April 6, 2018. There is a whole supply of 33 million QPS-tokens, with more than 20 million benefits amid the token deal. More than 60 percent of the total supply of tokens is heading off to the group deal, with outstanding designated for improvement and research (20 percent), consultant 5%, promoting 10% and legitimate expenses 5%.
QOMPASS stages to have already made cooperation with KuCoin, Cryptopia, Binance, OKEX, HitBTC, and Huobi in light of the fact that whole of these are recorded of course crypto trades on the official site of QOMPASS. Despite the fact that, we can't locate any verification that these digital currency trades will list QPS anytime in the following.