The CIBUS arrange is a blockchain-construct ecosystem in light of nourishment and wellbeing supplements guarantee the source, quality and satisfaction to straightforwardness. The beginning of CIBUS platform is to bring sustenance and dietary supplements makers, makers, venders or merchants under one useful, intuitive, and commonly gainful platform in view of blockchain innovation and empowering a straightforwardness through dependable information sitting on circulated record which can be unreservedly gotten to by every invested individual; In this way both the entrepreneurs and purchasers can appreciate most ideal straightforwardness, credibility, and unwavering quality about the nourishment items they are keen on. Generation and circulation records kept up in CIBUS blockchain can't be adulterated. Shopper/Purchasers, sustenance makers and controllers could utilize it for fast follow nourishment items back to their source, to choose speedy evacuation in the event of sustenance review or extortion identification while profiting a high level of straightforwardness.
CIBUS Token empowers confide in less exchange inside the platform between all members. It is the hidden cash for all exchanges, method of installment for exchange charges, escrow administrations, and promoting and will give business examination and value-based knowledge. All executing gatherings will be required to purchase and pay utilizing CIBUS tokens.
CIBUS will fill in as a multi-useful platform:

●Facilitates getting to traceability data by end customer utilizing CIBUS-Follow usefulness: adding complete straightforwardness spreading over homestead to fork – finish esteem chain
●Creates intelligent worldwide online networking platform for sustenance shoppers, nourishment producers, broker, sustenance bloggers, sustenance client's and all other sustenance aficionados to empower their extent of communication with other sustenance makers, dealers, specialists and additionally with an all inclusive extended wellbeing and quality cognizant likeminded group
●Provides an online business platform that enables both B2C and B2B exchange methodology in nourishment and dietary supplements related stock utilizing CIBUS-Retail and CIBUS-Exchange sub-platforms, individually
●Facilitates coordinate focused on publicizing by Makers/makers/merchants by giving custom-made client inclination and pertinent profile statistic information, which will be the premise of CIBUS-Promotion
●CIBUS token will be the money of exchange over every one of the platforms; the point is to encourage open and reasonable exchange to decrease vulnerabilities in production network unwavering quality for the end shopper by building up an all encompassing, supportable sustenance driven platform.

The Plan of action of stage 1 of CIBUS platform will be fixated on 4 modules.
1. CIBUS Follow:
Traceability is the capacity to track any nourishment and dietary supplement through all phases of creation, handling and dispersion. Traceability likewise imply that developments can be followed in reverse and forward strides anytime in the supply, which is properly portrayed as ranch to fork traceability work.
Great traceability frameworks will limit the generation and circulation of risky or low quality items, in this way limiting the potential for awful reputation, obligation, and expensive item reviews. The present nourishment naming framework can't guarantee the genuineness, wellbeing and nature of sustenance: CIBUS follow office will put 100% accentuation of offering moment verification on nourishment security, dependability, and best quality.
2. CIBUS Social:
CIBUS social is an intuitive social platform interfacing with Nourishment merchants, different clients, will permit multi-media transfers, and will soon turn into a worldwide discussion for individuals with uncommon dietary necessities, client audits, formula sharing, client surveys and so forth.
It is a sustenance centered group which will be boosted (with CIBUS tokens) to make a Draw MODEL to energize Nourishment makers or dealers to share all its item traceability related data on blockchain. It will be commonly helpful for both the finishes - shoppers will become acquainted with additional about their sustenance items and nourishment organizations proprietors will get the customer's input straightforwardly. Envision a Facebook for sustenance.
3. CIBUS Retail
It is a virtual Business to Shopper (B2C) commercial center in view of blockchain innovation and digital currency as exchange medium. Customers will get the chance to purchase sustenance items and give their criticism in light of their experience, much the same as Amazon and so on. Purchasers can analyze nourishment items and dietary supplements in view of their traceability information sitting on blockchain coming through CIBUS Follow module. Purchasers and business administrators should execute utilizing CIBUS token, which will drive the fame of CIBUS token after some time.
4. CIBUS Exchange:
CIBUS Exchange is implied for mass buy of merchants for their exchanging from another broker or producers. All exchanges will be done by means of CIBUS token; in any case, just to make the business force at first USD exchanges will be engaged.
Ethical seller rating framework, keen contracts, and most significant list items in light of client profile and past action, a single tick buy guidance system, escrow administrations, item following office of CIBUS Exchange - will encourage business to business exchange by empowering consistent deals understanding. Each exchange on CIBUS will draw in a small scale expense in view of the exchange measure.

In Stage 2, CIBUS platform will be enhanced by including abilities of the accompanying 4 modules:
5. CIBUS Coordinations
It will manage coordinations organizations in the distance like, posting or looking for cites for clients to get business. CIBUS may consider at a later date to open its own particular Coordinations focus like Satisfaction by Amazon (FBA) display - to convey items to its clients from its focal distribution center.
6. CIBUS Advertisement:
CIBUS Advertisement is an immediate publicizing and showcasing platform including information investigation and manmade brainpower. Diminish middle people, decentralized publicizing platform. It encourages coordinate showcasing. Makers, brokers, or associated business administrators, if list their items on the site, will have the choice to buy examination like information on client socioeconomics that can be utilized to make focused on showcasing and limited time battles. The commercial can either be essential or progressed and the expense charged by CIBUS will differ contingent upon the customization.
7. CIBUS Member
Member promoting is a sort of execution based showcasing in which a business rewards offshoots for every guest or client got by the partner's own advertising endeavors. CIBUS Offshoot program will give boosted remunerate model to the Advertisers for their exertion in advancing the deal procedure of CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Exchange modules by means of advancing their associate connections and promoting media.
8. CIBUS Escrow
CIBUS escrow is a money related middle person plan where CIBUS will hold and discharge installments to purchasers and dealers associated with a given exchange. It helps in preparing exchanges more ensured and secured by keeping the installment in a protected escrow account. The installment is just discharged when the majority of the terms of an understanding are met as supervised by the CIBUS escrow unit. CIBUS will fill in as a go-between amongst purchasers and merchants and all exchanges will be encouraged by CIBUS Token. Case will be Alibaba which is as of now giving escrow benefit between its Dealers and Purchaser on its platform.

Presenting CIBUS ecosystem
CIBUS Token:
Basic digital money for all exchanges on CIBUS platform, which is the main method of installment for exchange charge, escrow administrations, publicizing and examination information. All executing parties on CIBUS Exchange and CIBUS Retail need to keep up a base CIBUS token adjust to start their arrangements on CIBUS.

CIBUS straightforward worldwide sustenance business ecosystem on blockchain innovation can advance after classes of nourishment organizations on worldwide platform:
●Agricultural generation
●Industrial assembling of handled sustenances
●Wholesale or retail nourishment dissemination

CIBUS blockchain based business ecosystem can offer appropriate answers for the lion's share of repeating quality and realness issues in nourishment business supply chains around the world. Advantages can be delighted in following zones:
●Traceability of fixings and bundling materials for best nourishment security
●Brand security coming about to mark value foundation
●Consumption of ongoing information to cling to administrative reviews
●Monitoring of conveyance state of temperature for delicate items
●Ensuring consistence to GFSI spurred VACCP (Powerlessness Evaluation and Basic Control Focuses) rules.
●Fast recuperation of nourishment wellbeing information if there should be an occurrence of item review
●Accurate traceability embedded in inventory network will empower accomplice makers to manage dangerous items quick.

CIBUS: Vision
Worldwide supply chains are to a great degree viable nowadays yet from multiple points of view they are corrupted with non-straightforwardness, deceitful exercises, obsolete stocks, and so forth. Also, dependence on obsolete innovation or manual methodology makes undesirable hole amongst makers and merchants with shoppers in a few ways. Blockchain innovation, which can possibly be utilized as secured approach to record and transmit information in a protected and decentralized systems, has now been considered a promising method to enhance these chains. One point that separates CIBUS from other relatively comparable tasks is that CIBUS will dispatch equipment also: best quality progressed and natural sensors that can consistently screen and relentlessly send information to the blockchain as a thing travels from maker to its end client.CIBUS is very nearly making a potential market. Most critical factor in this framework work process is finished straightforwardness and conviction. The principle center will be to build up an ecosystem that addres.
CIBUS: Mission
The mission at CIBUS is venture is:
To line up and straightforward the worldwide nourishment store network and related market with the goal that the premium and trust of buyers and agriculturists can be kept up taking care of business. At CIBUS our point is to remunerate the ranchers who put their work in creating nourishment and obviously the shoppers who has all the privilege to have quality sustenance on their table.
Thus in the long run, all partners can return benefit from the raised entire offer for irrefutably quality sustenance. In addition retailers sourcing quality nourishment items can follow and show the birthplaces and prevalence of their sustenance, which buyer can keep an eye on their own. Governments will get the chance to ensure similarity by the sustenance business to standard and qualities by checking records and techniques archived on the blockchain.
Apart from that Brilliant contracts can build up business connections between various gatherings and also can control/diminish dangers and exchanging question, allowing providers and purchasers to enter MOU without affliction from worry about the status or dissolvability of their counterparty.
THE Primary Offer OF Avowing QUALITY, SECURITY AND Inceptions OF Nourishment WILL BE Constructed Utilizing THE Accompanying Innovations:

●P2P Commercial center: gathering to party business exchange
●Creating instinctive dashboard for production network administration
●Launch of nourishment checker application
●Introducing faithfulness framework and prizes for clients
●Founding Advanced Cooperatives and Matchmaking with Coordinations Organizations to fortify CIBUS nourishment production network
●Collecting information for information representation, information investigation, prescient examination to support deals for CIBUS associates

●Setting debasement free business manages blockchain innovation
The blockchain innovation has far over the ground conceivable outcomes and the application so far made is simply hint of a greater challenge. In light of blockchain, CIBUS is having colossal capacity to enhance the effectiveness in nourishment areas and improves globalization in an expansive range. CIBUS is quick to team up with concerned designers, nourishment fans, ranchers, and different gatherings with commitment/enthusiasm for the sustenance area. Numerous parts of CIBUS ecosystem are being worked for individuals who don't know about blockchain for instance, shoppers checking nature of sustenance or ranchers working on distributed commercial centers. In this way, a definitive objective is to produce a group driven, energetic ecosystem, which can utilize the center and modules of CIBUS for building a superior future for the worldwide nourishment markets. Alongside that, another fundamental CIBUS mission is to instruct worldwide group of onlookers about the advantages utilizing CIBUS platform and CIBUS token and actualize a straightforward nourishment supply framework around the world.


1.    Q4 of 2017 - Publication of White Paper, Website and promotion

2.    Q1 of 2018 - Token Generation Event, Listing CIBUS Token in cryptocurrency exchanges

3.    Q2 of 2018 - Alpha Release of CIBUS Trace

4.    Q3 of 2018 - Alpha Release of CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

5.    Q4 of 2018 - Beta Version of CIBUS Trace

6.    Q1 of 2019 - Beta Version of CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

7.    Q2 of 2019 - Alpha Version of CIBUS AD, CIBUS Escrow, CIBUS Logistics & CIBUS Affiliate

8.    Q3 of 2019 - Full Release of CIBUS Trace, CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

9.    Q4 of 2019 - Beta Version of CIBUS AD, CIBUS Escrow, CIBUS Logistics & CIBUS Affiliate

10. Q1 of 2020 - Full release of Integrated CIBUS Ecosystem Platform


PRE-TGE TOKEN SALE END DATE: 10:59 AM (GMT) on February 28, 2018

ICO Token Sale Start Date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on February 28, 2018

Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH

Soft cap: 5,000,000 CBT

Hard cap: 40,000,000 CBT

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1000 CIBUS Token

Total token supply (max): 100,000,000 CBT

Min purchase: 10 CBT

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