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Training is a worldwide industry. Overall consumptions rose to an expected $6 trillion out of 20161, with spending on higher learning guage to rise eight percent this year to $2.05 trillion2. Year-on-year development popular is filled universally by populace development and a growing white collar class in Asia and Africa. Regardless of prospects for expanded spending, understudies confront numerous obstacles and limitations that lessen the17accessibilityWhitePaper to quality training encounters. Rising educational cost costs, understudy obligation and' layers of delegates, including colleges, close out numerous imminent understudies, guaranteeing that the most noteworthy quality instruction is overwhelmingly dispensed to worldwide elites. For some, advanced education is neither open, reasonable nor applicable to understudies with regularly evolving wants.
The ODEM platform has been made conceivable by the rise of front line blockchain innovation that permits qualified and trusted individuals from the instruction business to make tweaked educational modules and encounters and offer them specifically to the market. The ODEM platform additionally gives understudies more decisions for lodging, transportation and different necessities. It enables universal and nearby understudies to take responsibility for training. ODEM will encourage live, in-classroom encounters, upheld by online capacities.
ODEM is something other than a training commercial center. Through Ethereum-based keen contracts, assention amongst understudies and teachers will be accomplished with the slightest conceivable association of delegates. Our central goal is to make instruction from the world's best instructors available and afordable to everybody.

The Issue/The Commercial center
Absence of Access to Quality Advanced education
Enhancing availability implies tending to the difficulties that understudies look in gaining an awesome training. We perceive that defeating hindrances is a critical piece of growing up. In any case, we likewise trust that making a worldwide marketplace17WhitecanassistPaper understudies in getting to numerous training alternatives, tweaking course determinations,' and dealing with the procurement of understudy
Settled in, Inflexible Heritage Models
A few obstacles hinder accomplishing more extensive understudy access to customary, in-person higher-quality training. Educators, quick to expand their effect in the more extensive learning group, are regularly confined by their home schools on how, when and on what terms they can share their skill. Understudies are hampered in their journey for learning by inflexible controls on enlistment, course essentials and different burdensome necessities. Picking up admission to some tip top schools can be more troublesome and full of more noteworthy vulnerability than graduating. A quickly changing world means training must adjust. The old worldview of four-year and graduate instruction neglects to address the significance of adjusting training to address the issues of understudies and managers.

Money related Obstructions
Exponential Increments in Educational cost Expenses
Rising educational cost expenses and burdens of geology likewise confuse the procedure. For understudies focused on deep rooted taking in, an absence of adjustable alternatives inhibits17WhitetheirabilityPaperto refresh their insight as their professions advance'. Also, access to the best instructors is controlled and the cost swelled by the organizations who utilize them.

Geographic and Societal Hindrances and the Breaking points of Online Training
The rise of internet showing frameworks has attracted consideration regarding the points of confinement of what understudies can get from the online training knowledge. Social and topographical setting is lost in the realm of online training. We trust in ODEM's accentuation on in-class instructing.

The ODEM Arrangement
Utilizing the energy of blockchain innovation and its brilliant contract-based installment platform, ODEM will empower understudies and educators to communicate straightforwardly and take an interest in the trading of training and learning, without the inclusion of intermediaries17WhitePaper.Our objective is to make quality instruction more open and moderate to'abroader gathering of people. Interest for U.S.- based instruction has risen immensely with understudies from Asia, Africa, South America and the Center East, looking for access to customary four-year universities and in addition suppliers of redid preparing and educational programs.
ODEM and it's safe, blockchain-based platform enables understudies to consistently associate with teachers and to seize chances to get to hand crafted courses and training programs. Understudies can utilize ODEM to look for educational programs that addresses their issues.
ODEM tends to a significant number of the business' difficulties with:

•Access to both neighborhood and global on location, and in-person instructive encounters. While ODEM can give any kind of learning background, the program underscores on-the-ground training at tip top establishments around the world.
•A single training group in which understudies, teachers and specialist organizations can convey and take an interest specifically in a protected situation.

•A more productive method for sharing and understanding instructive necessities, objectives and points of interest to meet the quickly changing workforce and the globalization of understudies and instructors.
•A single, continuous arrangement of transaction, educational modules depiction and installments on a settled upon plan.
•An incorporated scholarly and educational programs plan manufacturer with points of interest accessible to all members to guarantee advancement of instructive projects that are obviously laid out and settled upon by all gatherings.
•Capacity to perform forward and backward dialect interpretation at all levels of training obtainment to guarantee that essential subtleties in program demands are not lost in interpretation.

Innovation Platform

In guide reaction to the difficulties looked by industry veteran, Excelorators, we are making an online platform that will accommodate immediate, straightforward creation, transaction and conveyance of training programs that fulfill the changing needs of17WhiteglobalstudentsPaper. The platform works in conjunction with a comprehensive and decentralized'payment framework for secure exchanges.
The ODEM model will make a coordinated platform where a wide range of understudies and understudy delegates can make and demand administrations for training programs. Teachers and instructive specialist organizations can get demands for program satisfaction and conveyance benefits all through a frictionless, shrewd contract.
ODEM: The On-Request Instruction Commercial center
ODEM is an extensive platform that permits understudies, teachers and specialist co-ops in the training business to take an interest in an immediate, decentralized, constant commercial center. It engages members to seek, select and buy existing instructive items and also make, ask for and arrange altered training encounters face to face and on the web. Not at all like online instruction suppliers like Coursera and Khan Foundation, the ODEM platform centers around making constant, in-person instructive projects. Along these lines, the ODEM platform is intended to oblige the conveyance of a solitary course, as well as the going with administrations and planning that are incorporated into accommodat-ing a gathering of understudies flying out to an area for one day, a month or even a year. Since the greater part of our present offerings are nearby instructive encounters, we have assembled an off-blockchain ability to deal with a scope of undertakings, including the transaction of costs, the securing of specialist co-ops and the formation of understudy endorsements.
How it Functions
Regardless of whether for a one-day address or a more broad week-long preparing' occasion, the ODEM platform associates understudies and instructors with course offerings at any value point anyplace around the globe. Also, with a developing group of clients, ODEM platform will be the perfect method to purchase or offer modified instruction and instructional classes at a cross fringe level. ODEM will be controlled by an arrangement of projects conveyed on the Ethereum blockchain. Utilization of Ethereum will give straightforwardness and simplicity of installment. Clients will login onto the platform, choose which administrations to buy, and the record of such buy is put away onto the blockchain. Capacities and exercises performed preceding buy, such as hunting down or including new educational modules will be taken care of by the off-chain platform.

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whitepaper: http://odem.io/docs/whitepaper/ODEM.IO-Whitepaper.pdf

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