About ZPER
ZPER is a decentralized credit and venture platform in view of blockchain innovation. We go for making a creative P2P finance environment by joining modern estimations of P2P finance and resource estimations of information everywhere throughout the world. ZPER platform will build up a P2P (Distributed) finance biological community that rises above nation and cash and in this way achieve development in the worldwide stream of assets. In ZPER biological community, members who are important to give a sensible finance condition to the two borrowers and speculators, e.g. P2P finance organizations perceived by the ZPER Boards of every nation, information suppliers, Robo Counselors, and NPL buyers, can openly meet with each other, share esteems based on trust, and get reasonable remuneration. Borrowers would then be able to apply for a line of credit with a lower loan fee than previously while financial specialists can appreciate a higher rate of return.

ZPER will likely upgrade and grow esteem chains in the P2P finance showcase and give all partici-pants solid and sensible exchange openings. To this end, ZPER goes for making a finance biological community that meets the accompanying conditions:
Participation of worldwide P2P finance organizations that can be trusted
Voluntary arrangement of inventive information vital for borrower assessment by information suppliers
Provision of adequately enhanced worldwide speculation portfolios to financial specialists
Investment that rises above the outskirts
Irreversible administration of all bonds and contracts
Fair circulation of qualities shared by various members
Starting with a collusion of demonstrated P2P finance organizations in Korea, ZPER will make a biological system on the blockchain arrange where related budgetary administration organizations and information suppliers can effectively take an interest. Besides, it will make a united biological community that comprises of around 500 P2P finance organizations perceived in excess of ten nations, a huge number of information suppliers, and around 30 Robo Guide organizations, and so forth before the finish of 2019. Such an endeavor will make worldwide supports more proficient and enhance the speculation business overall, and ZPER will give a steady domain where in excess of 300 million people, two million free organizations, and in excess of 300,000 SMEs to raise subsidizes or make venture.

P2P Finance Organization together
Checked worldwide P2P loaning organizations, data suppliers, and robo-counsels are a piece of the ZPER Union. The Organization together, which enables an assortment of members to unreservedly communicate and trade esteems, gives a sensible money related condition to borrowers and banks. All members will be remunerated reasonably for their commitments
Cross-outskirt exchanges
ZPER interfaces borrowers and banks paying little respect to their nations cash. Banks procure higher returns, while borrowers get credits at bring down financing costs.
Hazard Administration by Robo-counselors
Universally perceived robo-guide calculations constitute the worldwide speculation portfolios. The calculation is then used to bring down speculation chance and give security by means of venture broadening.
Token Details

Issuance Term

  • ICO Volume : 2,200,000,000 ZPR
  • Token Sale : 1,100,000,000 ZPR
  • Hardcap : 48,000 ETH
  • Softcap : 5,000 ETH
  • Currency Accepted : ETH
Token Allocation
  • Token Sale : 50%
  • Ecosystem : 22.3%
  • Team & Advisors : 17%
  • Reserve : 10.7%

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