liberdy front page.pngLIBERDY is the principal stage that makes another and reasonable advanced publicizing economy by building up an information exchanging stage that prizes clients for the utilization of their own data.
How about we take a gander at the developing business sector openings
The previous two years have seen a huge blast in information age, with the making of 90% of every accessible datum, and the market is relied upon to grow 27% yearly. Point by point and exact information is the way to any fruitful web based showcasing attempt.
DMP in view of our understanding gives publicists access to novel and dependable information, which as of not long ago can not be acquired outside the walled patio nurseries of Facebook and Google. Our answers work flawlessly with existing computerized promoting ecosystems, tending to their requirement for dependable information by guaranteeing straightforwardness and precision. Liberdy use the advantages of blockchain innovation and "GDPR" control to enable clients to deal with their information rights. By recovering their information, clients wind up square with accomplices in the internet publicizing ecosystem out of the blue.
What is GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a control on EU law on information security and security for all people inside the EU and Liberdy is the ideal answer for GDPR consistence on the grounds that our new economy enables us to effortlessly acquire client agree to impart their data to potential publicists. We will probably be fundamental to all GDPR information sent out to clients.
The European Union (EU), with an end goal to confine the restraining infrastructure energy of information, has forced another security charge. GDPR, the new EU charge, expresses that the client is the proprietor of his own data and any organization that gathers client information should make versatile duplicates open, complimentary. This is an emotional change to information straightforwardness and strengthening of information subjects, which apply to all information gathered by online organizations.
GDPR Terms
• The client is the legitimate proprietor of the information
• Users must support the utilization of their information
• Data must be convenient for extraction in electronic formatECONOMY LIBERDY
How can it function?

LIB is an utility token, which publicists use to buy gatherings of people and client profiles. This is likewise utilized by information profilers who offer their administrations to publicists. To wrap things up, Users procure cash to share their information and put cash and assets in confirming information and enhancing the ecosystem.
Enormous City
Utilizing propelled AI information accumulation procedures we take every one of the information got from the App and store it.
DMP module
Every single got datum is examined to recognize the intended interest group. These gatherings of people are then utilized by promoters to make crusades in light of information. Our advanced enhancement process utilizes intense calculations that naturally seek and advance focused on fragments
Client Management
This module deals with all collaborations with clients in the application. Another wellspring of data is offered to improve the put away information related with every client. Every client gets a customized chance to exploit his coins
Information City
This module is in charge of separating information in the interest of the client. A simple and natural onboarding procedure will train clients on the means expected to take after to get honest to goodness information from different online administrations
Enormous city
This is the place we adapt the information. Clients can see all the accessible open doors that are customized to spend their coins.
Wallet records all exchanges, ie significant fragments acquired by promoters with pending exchanges, coins esteem, coin trade LIB-Network cash. There will be a non-swelling supply of 300 million LIB for this reason. Clients - Get paid when sponsors utilize their information, pay to be Power clients, and pay on the off chance that they progress toward becoming Profiler Information Platform - arranges all information trade and rewards focused on clients
Publicists - Buy fragmented information from DMP and client profile sections from the Profile Data Market or pay to get to clients of the Audience Console, and pay in the event that they be Profile.

Buys and information trades happen out of sight each time we go on the web. Clients who drive information receive next to no consequently and this is the place Liberdy comes. Upheld by Blockchain, we guarantee client information is of the most astounding quality, precise, confirmed and opportune. Sponsor Transactions, recorded on blockchain, straightforward to all clients.
The Liberdy Ecosystem
Get compensated for information you've imparted to Google, Facebook and Amazon Keep control of the data gathered Access propelled refund stage
Produce new income streams Increase your client information Take favorable position of GDPR rules
Effortlessly incorporate with your favored DSP Tap into a rich universal information distribution center Access top-based endorsement information Take preferred standpoint of checked information on blockchain
Client Acquisition Channel
• Direct User Acquisition - in our aggressive scene, picking up clients is an exorbitant task. Reinforcement delight is distributed to sponsor the onboarding procedure. We intend to utilize PR and different buying endeavors media to achieve potential clients. Until the point that the stage picks up force, Liberdy will pay the enlistment reward for US-based clients.
•. Distributers - different organizations with access to a substantial number of clients, who are searching for extra income streams, can adapting their customer base. For every client who joins the stage, they get a bit of cake and a component enhancement of important information. Illustrations incorporate news distributers, versatile application engineers, not-for-profit associations, and more ...

The LIB Utility Token Flow
The cash of the Liberdy ecosystem will be the LIB token. There will be a settled (non-swelling) supply of 1,000m LIBs for these reasons. Our clients procure 85% of the tokens got from sponsors that purchase their fragmented information.
for this mission and vision of this project which I analyze above Liberdy need to run an ICO which will in turn raise the capital which is needed to power the project. The currency of the Liberdy ecosystem will be the LIB token. There will be a fixed (non-inflating) supply of 1,000m LIBs for these purposes. Our users earn 85% of the tokens received from advertisers that buy their segmented data.
Token Name: Lib
Total supply: 1,000,000
Soft Cap: $5,000,000
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Token allocation


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