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The key highlights of Zenodys
Nowadays, everybody will have some sort of computerized resources with them like applications, advanced substance, information, codes, and so forth. Have you at any point imagined that you can profit out of your computerized resources by appropriately advertising it? There is almost certainly that it would be a colossal errand to monitor every single advanced resource you have and monitor its income. To make matters basic and simple for you, Zenodys offers you a blockchain driven commercial center and a stage to transform all your advanced resources into items that can mint cash through an institutionalized organization. This is a decentralized distributed commercial center to make magnificent computerized resources and furthermore transform the genuine applications into a cash spinner.
How Zenodys function?
The Zenodys is a decent stage and commercial center to arrange your computerized world and furthermore acquire cash from it. The advanced resources you have are non-standard and unstructured. They should be consolidated together and changed over into an organized and institutionalized organization. This is the reason it is critical to utilize Zenodys. Transfer all the advanced resources like information, substance, applications and expert advantages for a decentralized system and utilize the Zenodys to naturally institutionalize and structure the benefits. They will be safely put away. At whatever point somebody gets to your advanced resources in the Zenodys commercial center, you are adapted. You will acquire a benefit at whatever point a client utilizes the advantage that you claim.
  1. An organized information offers extraordinary incentive to a purchaser. The layout offered through the visual improvement stage makes a standard information arrange for all the computerized advantages for make it clear and straightforward.
  2. The Zenodys stage naturally hunts and discovers comparable information sources to combine them into an amalgamated information bunch.
  3. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence will assist purchasers with getting access to recommendations naturally in light of their visual layouts that the purchaser gives.
  4. Every one of the work processes that achieve the information market will convey a permit and furthermore a hashtag.
  5. The rating framework will be offered in two sections: a computerized rating framework that will remunerate or rebuff in the event that it discovers that there is any part infringement or not and furthermore will convey voting framework and organized input.
  6. To enhance the trade, Zenodys offers its clients with a publicizing stage to advance the administrations, information, and hubs of the venders.
  7. A brilliant evaluating number cruncher will be on offer to discover comparative administrations and layouts and to let know the normal estimation of the considerable number of gatherings included.
  8. Wellbeing and security of information are given best need and all information exchanges between the gatherings will be naturally scrambled and secured.
  9. The information trade can occur both naturally and physically in this stage.
  10. The Zenodys stage is one of a kind and is the best in the business that offers top end execution.
  11. The stage is anything but difficult to use for both for amateur and progressed talented individuals. All the significant assignments in the stage are in a rearranged way.
  12. It offers a completely decentralized stage to do any sort of trade effortlessly.

The group that made Zenodys happens
TomazVinko is the CTO and prime supporter of Zenodys. He has a 15-year involvement in programming advancement and 5 years of involvement in the equipment field. He holds a BE in software engineering and has worked in different limits from senior designer to director in telecoms, money related and multinational establishments.
Jernej Adamic is the CEO and business improvement head in Zenodys. He has 20 years of strong involvement in business improvement in the web field and 5 years of computerized advertising knowledge.
Andrea Scotto Di Minico is the front-end improvement and CXO of the Zenodys stage. He was in the website composition field for more than 8 years and has worked with Swiss and Slovenian organizations.
The Zenodys group likewise includes a considerable measure of guides to be specific Julien Coustaury, and EfratJudovtis, (business improvement), Robert Petric (business examination), Esteban Bayro Kaiser (AI), Matej Francetic (Data science), and TomazSesek (system).
Last musings on Zenodys
Zenodys is the ideal blockchain innovation based computerized resource stage that encourages clients to make any kind of advantage and change over them all into a tradeable organization to increase money related advantages. This is a decent advanced resource ecosystem that will help non-software engineers to change over their advantages into genuine applications and along these lines acquire cash out of their benefits. This shrewd contract commercial center is a perfect stage to appreciate a reasonable adaptation dependably.
Token sale structure

  • Token name: CoinZZ
  • Token symbol: ZZ
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Start: Planned in May 2018
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Token supply: 5,000,000,000 ZZ
  • Token price: 0.01 USD
  • Sale cap: 31,000,000 USD
  • Total cap: 50,000,000 USD
Token Sale Structure
  • ZENODYS: 10%
  • FOUNDERS: 10%
  • TEAM: 10%
  • ADVISORS: 5%

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