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About MOZO
Retail business is as of now enormously decreased in the business field. this is impacted by numerous elements related in it so the chain of offers in the retail business, particularly those moving with the physical store deals is extremely influenced by the effect of the development of online business. mozo venture is a task that keeps running in the retail business covering a web based business zone where mozo venture offers answers for retailers to effortlessly find and market their items at physical stores or online advancements, online advancement offered by magic undertaking is extremely basic yet has an effect which is extensive for retail business people where in the advancement of magic activities retail business visionaries can without much of a stretch advance their items or stores to forthcoming purchasers by giving a few tokens or tokens to purchasers or guests, this thought sounds exceptionally outsider and incomprehensible yet with an advancement like this the retai business on-screen character will effectively draw in clients who are going by the shopping zone or in the territory where the advancement is finished.
We have seen some special systems in the business world today are obsolete, we require the most recent way or the most recent strategies in drawing in purchasers. things like this are once in a while seen by everybody, particularly by the venders. leave the old ways that have no potential in drawing in clients and purchasers. at that point why MOZO is associated with blockchain? this is done as such that mozo can be specifically in contact with the purchasers. by giving a Mozo token in light of an advancement or giving a shopping voucher as a mozo token will be immediately powerful in item deals. the utilization of an interconnected mozo token in a business or shopping region will have the capacity to pull in purchasers to visit in different shopping zones on the grounds that the mozo token interconnections will ruin the purchasers inside the region. on a few events mozo venture has been working with a few strip malls in a few nations to mozo tokens can be straightforwardly connected to the strip mall later on.
plan conspire depicts the use of Mozo programming and blockchain with field tests at both the shopping centers and individual retail locations
Blockchain: Solo and Ethereum
At first, Project Mozo will utilize the Ethereum blockchain system to help our exchanges, and after that change to Solo when it ends up accessible. Our exclusive innovation Solo is another DAG compose blockchain organize that is intended to help shared micropayment exchanges (Retail, IoT, Microlending, Cybersecurity and so forth.). In the Solo blockchain arrange, every exchange started by a sending client is affirmed by the goal client and just the goal client itself, subsequently the name Solo.
Mozo – Token of Discovery
Buyers can gain, purchase, and reclaim Mozo tokens by: strolling into a physical store; "destroying" to find item points of interest; or buying items at the store.
the utilization of dynamic Mozo tokens will make it less demanding for clients to get marked down costs, special costs or get free mozo tokens, clients can likewise effectively buy Mozo tokens by means of trade destinations or trade with ETH on the Mozo stage this is should be possible so every client of Mozo token or Mozo stage can appreciate the comfort of shopping and appreciate any sort of advancement inside.

To draw in clients today requires a progressive way, the present retail exchange rivalry is so baffling the merchants, the utilization of online business applications adds to the multifaceted nature of the retail business world. this is one of the components that make shopping centers or shops void of guests. the Mozo venture is exceptionally progressive in going for the exchanging ecosystem that will profit the two sides amongst purchasers and dealers. a type of advancement for retail business on-screen characters will make an enthusiasm for coordinate deals rising quickly contrasted with ongoing circumstances. control of blockchain will quickly be seen simple exchanges by the clients. The Mojo venture is sensational to give a clear advance to retail business visionaries around the world, with this business technique token Mozo will give a decent general ecosystem to different gatherings inside.

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